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 Why Accuquest?
 What is Accuquest?
 Accuquest Features
 How Does it Work?
 One to One Marketing
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 Patient Retention
 Cost of a New Customer
 Value of a Patient
 Accuquest Includes
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 Who is Accuquest?


  • Increase your sales to your current patient base

  • Increase your number of new patients with proven prospect marketing

  • View and make appointments online from anywhere in real time

  • No software to load. You just need Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 and an internet connection

  • Reduce time spent locating, updating, and replacing records

  • Ensure that marketing is not an afterthought, that it actually gets in the mail (the relationship with your customer base is maintained)

  • Understand where new patients come from and how to reach them

  • Referral tracking and reporting:
    • Identify lead sources (The Yellow pages, the newspaper, patient referrals, manufacturer offers, etc.)
    • Make better advertising spending decisions

  • Tested and proven marketing creative is included - or you can use pieces you’ve created

  • Send proven direct mail automatically
  • You don’t have to worry about creating, printing, or organizing your database and mailing your patients

  • Patient retention
    • In most industries, it costs six times more money to acquire a new customer than to keep a current one. Audiology industry analysts estimate that it costs fifty times more money to acquire a new customer than retain a current one

  • Know how your business is doing at any moment
    • Built-in Management, Marketing and Sales Reports

  • Easy migration
    • All you need to be up and running is:
      • A copy of your logo
      • An electronic version of your database