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 Who is Accuquest?

What does it cost to send a letter?

The cost of sending a typical thank you letter, $2.71 vs. $0.89

  • Assuming an annual salary of $25,000, a thank you letter template that only needs to have the name and address changed, be printed out on company letterhead, stuffed, stamped and mailed

  • $ 1.66 - Time: 8 minuets per letter to print, stuff, etc.

  • $ .68 - Letterhead, envelope, ink cartridges, equipment wear and tear

  • $ .37 - First class stamp

  • $ 2.71 - Total cost per letter

  • The unknowns include: Will it be done or forgotten? Will it be done correctly? Eight minutes is a very conservative number. Will it take longer? Was it correct the first time or did if have to be printed twice?

$0.89 = Total average cost to send a letter using Accuquest