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We're excited to have you on board, and for that reason, we'd like to get you set up and online as quickly as possible.

Accuquest.sycle.net will help you increase your productivity, patient management, lead generation, lead conversion, patient retention and overall sales. Accuquest.sycle.net is built to grow your business, not just watch it.

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The cost to use Accuquest.sycle.net is $149.00 per month, plus the costs of any mail that you choose to send using Accuquest.sycle.net. We will bill your credit card each month; and you will receive an itemized statement.

Most direct mail items range in price from $0.45 to $0.65 per item plus postage, depending on whether you’d like to send color pieces or black and white.

Accuquest.sycle.net guarantees to increase your sales within 120 days or your money back.



If you haven't seen Accuquest.sycle.net in action, please join us for a free guided tour!